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"Prospective brides, listen here: The Cotton Bride knows how to make a girl look good..."

"I went from not seeing anything I loved at other stores ...to having four dresses I had a hard time choosing between..."

"These guys are the best. Really. ....I came to them with a somewhat unusual request - to make me a replica of an insanely ornate, almost Victorian looking dress. They did not hesitate to take on the job, and produced an absolute one-of-a-kind dress..."

"They're fantastic, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to anyone..."

"I came here for a fitting a few months ago. They are super friendly and take their time- they spent 2 hours with me! The gowns are made with high quality fabric and they do tailoring on site. Great small business..."

"I went to the Cotton Bride studios before looking anywhere else, and fell in love with the 1st dress... 2nd dress... the 3rd dress..."

"The dresses are simply beautiful, with lovely cotton laces and fabrics, and clean, classic designs..."

"Honestly, I can't recommend them enough and I feel lucky to have found them..."

"I was very lost at every bridal salon I went to. Cotton Bride was patient, attentive (one bride appointment at a time in a large studio) and so helpful..."

"Before visiting The Cotton Bride, I would wake up my fiance almost in tears saying, "I don't want to wear a wedding gown!" Every dress I put on felt like a Halloween costume..."

"Why go anywhere else for a wedding gown?..."

"My dress was so lightweight that even in the summer heat I was comfortable all day and night and really got to enjoy my wedding..."

"I was very lost at every bridal salon I went to. Cotton Bride was patient, attentive (one bride appointment at a time in a large studio) and so helpful..."

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"At other bridal salons, I was lucky to find something that was... maybe..sort of..kind of. At The Cotton Bride, the only stress came from deciding WHICH dress to pick..."

"The Cotton Bride is an amazing experience that, if you are lucky enough to be anywhere near NYC, you need to check it out..."

"What I paid for the gown was a super value. At any other studio, I easily would have paid twice the price for the workmanship and materials..."

"I cannot recommend this place enough..."

"No detail was overlooked...No detail was too small... We were never rushed..."

"There is no comparison to the personalized service at the Cotton Bride, at any price point, and their prices are amazingly affordable. This place is well worth the trip and we are very glad to have found them..."

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"I looked at thousands of dresses online by designers we've all heard of and tried on about 40 dresses before arriving at the Cotton Bride's studio. This was the best decision we made regarding the wedding..."

"As I walked around the studio selecting which dresses to try on ... I was certain that it was the worth the 7.5 hour drive. Even on the hanger, each dress had a unique personality..."

"I truly love my dress, and I loved feeling like "the only bride" for a short period of time ..."

"The experience that you will have at The Cotton Bride will be one of the best parts of your wedding..."

"The price was well under what I imagined I would have to pay for a gorgeous, intricate, finely constructed dress, and I would have readily paid three times the price for it..."

"I found the Cotton Bride by mistake. Our wedding was all organic and I was looking up organic materials and stumbled upon their website. Wow, was that divine intervention..."

"I HIGHLY recommend them to any bride with a sense of nature, quality material and a need to look perfect and unique on her speciaL day. Thank you Cotton Bride..."

"As soon as I stepped into the Cotton Bride studio I knew I would not be going anywhere else..."

"Chris designed my dress by creating something that fit MY body and style. He took that dress from simple sketch to a simple yet elegant design that nearly took my breath away..."

"It's truly amazing that someone with Chris' talent and attention to detail can create such amazing gowns at such reasonable prices..."

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"I shopped at several "big name" bridal boutiques and The Cotton Bride far surpasses them in customer service and quality..."

"Their service is wonderful!!! You will get Star Treatment! My appointment was over 2 hours long and it was just my bridal party, the designers and I..."